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Oasis Radio Mobile App Launch

After much time in development, Oasis Radio is proud to announce the upcoming release our mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices!   We think we have built an app that is both simple and useful.  Watch this video for a preview of what is to come.




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Oasis Radio presents … FIRE

Oasis Radio - FIRE front

Oasis Radio began broadcasting on internet radio in 2009, and has built a loyal local and global audience based on playing the best in electronic music. Up to this point, tuning in to Oasis Radio has been limited to computers, however this is all about to change. After much effort and time in development, Oasis Radio is ready to release mobile apps for both Android and iOS. With these apps you can tune in from wherever you are, and enjoy the music that we love.

To celebrate this huge leap forward, Oasis Radio is proud to present… FIRE at Rooftop Bar OO. Many of the Oasis Radio hosts will be joined by special guests from the Kansai music scene to bring you a special evening of music and vibe that will not soon be forgotten.

As a token of our gratitude, every guest will receive a free copy of the Oasis Radio mobile app in either Android or iOS format.
On Saturday, October 11, 2014 come and help us celebrate at Oasis Radio presents…FIRE!


Date: Saturday, October 11 2014
Place: Rooftop Bar OO (Shinsaibashi/Namba)
Time: 20:00 ~ Late
Charge: ¥ 3,000/1Drink

・Dan Elliot (Oasis Radio)
・David Byrne (4 the Love)
・Dom Pang (CODA / Oasis Radio)
・Hirro (Proty)
・Joey aka Jelectromance
・Kama (Night Lounge)
・Khashi B.
・Kuwa (Night Lounge)
・Mameha (Oasis Radio)
・Nakatsuka (Oasis Radio)
・Shawn Basik (Oasis Radio)
・Shine (Torque)
・Stout (Oasis Radio)
・Takekiyo Ishimoto (Alzar)
・Toru Ikemoto
・Union Trouble


Facebook Event Page: Oasis Radio presents… FIRE – Oasis Radio Mobile App Launch Party

iFLYER Event Page: Oasis Radio presents… FIRE



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Absolute Lounge Radio Show Debut

Oasis Radio is pleased to announce the debut of an all new show… Absolute Lounge Radio Show with Seven Lounge.  This show is born out of the monthly Absolute Lounge events held at Seven Lounge Osaka.  This show will feature mixes by Mamoru Hamada and ATTA as well as various guests.  Tune in at 24:00 (JST) on Tuesday evening, August 5th for the debut of Absolute Lounge on Oasis Radio.


Absolute Lounge Radio Show

“ABSOLUTE★LOUNGE” was born as a new music concept for the stylish new venue in Osaka; Seven Lounge. Absolute Lounge parties focus on adult party freaks who like to stay out late. The music concept is simple… intelligent  avant-garde sounds specializing in “Techno Music”.
This monthly party features artists ATTA and MAMORU HAMADA and others. Resident DJs are Torque records head honcho SHINE, and DAN ELLIOT (Oasis Radio). Their powerful sounds in conjunction with Seven Lounge’s incredible sound system have produced many memorable parties in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

Absolute Lounge Radio Show features the sounds that are Absolute Lounge. Turn it up and enjoy!!



Mamoru Hamada Mamoru Hamada is Producer and DJ from Osaka, Japan.
Mamoru started to get interested in a variety of music in his teens; mainly R&B, he then came across dance music which gradually began to fascinate him and this encouraged him to start DJ’ing in 2009.
The main genre of music he plays is techno and minimal although he also plays other music. There is no one genre that he can be categorized into.
Mamoru makes the audience go wild with his own personal creative power of expression.
He has also collaborated with Shine (Torque), Atta on many clubnights and events at local venues such as club Joule, Onzieme, and Seven lounge featuring serious international talent such as Ben Sims, Ben Klock, Drumcell, Angel Alanis, Axel Karakasis, Alan Fitzpatrick, Heiko Laux, Q’hey, Ryogo Yamamori, Shine. Mamoru has travelled, guesting at DJmag#12 club Octagon in Korea and AIR Tokyo.
His remix tracks have been released on Cosmikal Records in Mexico. After only a few tracks he gained support from Dave Clarke. And his original track release on Torque compilation album. His presence in the global techno scene is rising like the sun. Mamoru Hamada is an artist you will certainly hear more of in the future!


ATTABorn in 1987 and based on Awaji Island, Japan, ATTA is a producer and undisputed DJ in the western Japan techno scene. Alongside her established membership on her country’s techno label Torque, ATTA’s mixes have also been served out to the German podcast show, Cubebase FM, and has also DJ’d at numerous clubs across Asia including Korea’s Octagon and Tokyo’s Ageha. Her combined DJ style of femininity and hard groove have been making leaps throughout many countries, making her a rising female DJ star and techno producer.



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Oasis Radio presents… Sunlounger Sundays @ Avalon Beach OSAKA

Sunlounger Sundays Vol. 2Have you ever wished that there was beach in Osaka? And on this beach, did you imagine sunloungers, drinks, food, amazing music and people and maybe a pool? It is no longer a wish…it’s a reality! Few people know yet, but a sand beach has been built in the heart of Osaka in Sakuranomia, along the Okawa River. On this sand beach, some very creative people have built an oasis that is called Avalon Beach OSAKA. With a super cool atmosphere that is complimented by a tasty food and drink menu that will draw you back time and again.

Having just opened on July 1st, Avalon Beach OSAKA is now ready to host the second volume of Sunlounger Sunday.

Oasis Radio in conjunction with Café Absinthe and 4 the LOVE proudly presents…Sunlounger Sundays at Avalon Beach OSAKA on Sunday, July 20th 2014. DJs Dan Elliot (Oasis Radio), David Byrne (4 the LOVE) and Dmitri (Café Absinthe) will be on hand playing sexy Sunday afternoon beach music until sunset. Put that together with good food and drinks and you have the perfect recipe for an amazing Sunday afternoon!

Experience the “secret in Sakuranomia” that is Avalon Beach OSAKA this Sunday, July 20th!

Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014
Time: 12pm – 7 pm

Entry: Free!
Shower & Pool Access: ¥1500
Shower only: ¥1000
Pool Access only: ¥1000
Sunlounger: ¥1000
Coinlockers: ¥300
Food & Drink Menu: http://avalon-osaka.com/menu.html

Dan Elliot (Oasis Radio)
Shawn Basik (Oasis Radio)
David Byrne (4 the LOVE)


Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1517327841812908



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Park It! 2

☆ PARK IT! ☆ presented by 4theLOVE and PROTY

We here at Oasis Radio are always impressed by good people who make a great effort to create amazing events.  We’ve certainly found one here.  PARK IT! 2 is the second outdoor event put on by the brain trust that is Mark “Woody” Wood, David Byrne (no, he’s not the leading singer of the Talking Heads), Hiro, and a whole crew of positive, wonderful people.  After a ton of hard work, the preparations have been made and all there is left to do is bask in the sun with beer in hand,  listen to the music and enjoy being alive!


Here’s a video made by Lee Blois of the first PARK IT!

Park It! Music Festival – Official Video (Osaka, Japan) from Lee Blois on Vimeo.


…And this is a message from the organizers of PARK IT!


~ irregular party for irregular people ~
~ スペシャルな人たちへのスペシャルなパーティー ~

The last party was massive… and as a result we are happy to host the next Park It! free of course, because you guys made it massive! There’ll be a few additions to this event, a few funky acts, a bigger bar, more food, definitely more drinking! and dancing! It’s a nice groovy Sunday … so feel free to let loose a little! Invite a friend, hell… invite them all! Let’s bring the party back to Osaka!

We have a strict music policy of soulful music, be it Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco, House, Blues, R&B, Hip Hop or anything in between. As long as it has soul. Here’s your chance to join a truly unique outdoor party. A full outdoor venue, in a huge grass park surrounded by trees and the formidable red bridge across Osaka Bay. With 2 stages, you are guaranteed to get your spring dose of soul!


★★★ This year we ask all guests to purchase a 500yen drink coupon upon entry. You can choose a drink from a selected menu. This allows us to accurately calculate how many people come every time. Also, we can ensure we have sufficient safety precautions, sufficient catering for food and beverage, and we can pay for a proper clean up crew so the parks allow us to keep the party alive! ★★★

Come join us for a truly remarkable day of sunshine beats at the Sankaku Park of Nanko Island.

Click here to have a look at the last Park It!
http://vimeo.com/69155924 Thanks to Lee Blois!

☆ Artists / スペシャルゲスト ☆

We have some special guests to help us jazz things up…
★ Yoshihiro Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive)
★ Koichiro Murakawa (Affection)
★ DJ Banzawa (Soul Tribe / Radical Soul)
★ Dan Elliot (OasisRadio)
★ HIRRO (PROTY / Malzeit…)

also featuring Kansai legends…
★ Luke Hunter (Team Oyaji)
★ Shawn Basik (OasisRadio)
★ mightwhales (Perfect Touch)
★ Steve Lowrise
★ 6ta
and the smooth operator ★ Jules (HiJAK / Sanctum)

and few other special artists (watch this space!)

☆ Dance & Art / ダンスとアート ☆ TBD

☆ Viva La Mort! from Sakai, Japan, will be selling original, hand drawn, hand screened t-shirts and accessories
Viva La Mort! from Sakai, Japan

“4 the love’ started as a simple Sunday afternoon party with a few good friends and some great tunes. Since it’s inception in July 2008, due to our down to earth nature, it has grown into one of the funnest parties in Tokyo. It has now branched out to Osaka, where over the upcoming months, will host a number of outdoor daytime parties to get the Kansai folk accustomed to ‘4 the love” ~ Mitch Norris

Food / 食べ物 ☆ TBD
~ Hot wings and BBQ wings – served fresh off the grill!!! Spiced just right… aye caramba!
~ Joey’s Cafe – chicken wraps and vegetable wraps! Joey will rap for you too!
~ Foot-long hotdogs – Yannick’s frankfurter has never tasted so good… drizzled in sauces, sprinkled with crispy onion bits… complemented with a bag of potato chips!
~ Mexican fair – Ivan the Sexican is back with albodingas, flautas and ceviche! Borachos!

A fully serviced bar will be run by 4thelove – lots of cold, refreshing drinks will be on sale.
Fully stocked bar for you to enjoy Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Softdrinks, Water, Wine, Chu-hai, BEEEEER (doh!), and some tasty Sangria… we may even push for some mojitos!!!

As we will be providing cheap drinks and food, we ask that you refrain from bringing drinks and food to the venue. This allows us to continue in the spirit of free parties that you help us out, we’ll make it worthwhile. This will also allow us to budget accordingly for trash removal…. donations for the volunteer staff will be gladly accepted… Security will be employed, and drinks or food will not be allowed into the venue.

☆ Venue / 会場 ☆
南港三角公園/Nanko Sankaku Park
大阪市住之江区南港東9 / Nanko-Higashi 9, Suminoe-ku, Osaka

☆ MAP / 会場地図 ☆
Directions… the closest station is Port Town Higashi on the New Tram Line! It’s a 10min walk. Just keep heading towards the HUGE red bridge….

I’ll put some walking directions up soon, but I strongly urge you to check and use the map above.

Bouncy Castle for the kids – for use for children 6 or under/parental guidance only! Use at own risk.

☆ Additional links / リンク ☆

Special Thanks to Ben Price (Minami Boyz) for doing promotion and sharing the love!

iFlyer link – http://iflyer.tv/event/186555

Some cool pics from the last Park It! Thanks to Edo Kansai!



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