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Guido van der Meulen

My name is Guido van der Meulen, I am 48 years young, married to my beautiful wife Astrid and I live in the Netherlands in a small town called Geleen.

My love for lounge music started about 8 years ago, during a vacation on the island of Bali. At that time, my life was very stressful and this particular vacation opened my eyes to a world of relaxation and inner peace to that allowed me to listen more carefully to music.

While I was there, I bought a chillout CD in one of the local Balinese markets and to this day, I still remember the warmth of the morning sun as I sat by the sea and listened to the CD and discovered the genre of chillout for the first time!

As I listened, the music that came from my laptop put me in such a beautiful place emotionally that I felt compelled to discover more. I had never felt peaceful before and for sure, it was a life-changing moment. The inner peace that I experienced at that moment was so moving that I had to head back to the market to find more of this music.

When I arrived home from the vacation, I had 20 albums in my suitcase. That is how it started for me. That one moment was so inspirational! It gave my life a new direction and now I spend my days putting together the kind of chillout and downtempo compilations that inspired me so much all those years ago.

Every time I start a new mix, my mind goes back to that morning in Bali; the morning that started it all! And now, thanks to this love of Lounge music,  I have many friends throughout the world that find themselves inspired in similar ways (artists, producers, record labels etc.) and I also have a great time running my virtual (Guido’s) Lounge Café on Face Book. The popularity of the page is growing rapidly and every day I discover new friends! It is true that we never know what life brings us and so we have to make the best of every situation! 8 years ago I did exactly that and now my days are no longer stressful, I love life and someday soon, I will be going back to Bali to get some more CD’s


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